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Maté, sun and...Luis Suarez
February 2015:
I spent only 3 days in Uruguay, but even after such a short stay I remained with the impression that people in Uruguay live happily. On my opinion it should be one of the best places to live in South America.
And then there is for everyone something to explore, long walks, historical monuments, beaches, small streets and...Luis Suarez.
I stayed in a hostel, and the first day I joined some people I had met in Buenos Aires. We went for a walk in the old city of Montevideo and in the night saw shows for the carnaval. Here again, people were stopping us and asking where we were from, giving as tips and quick history lessons. I am happy to see that in this part of the world people still have an interest about each other, and want to share things. Something we don't find anymore in the western Europe for example.
And then there is the mate, a beverage that probably nobody likes the taste of, but something that people drink since they are children, and the whole their lives. You can see people drinking it literally everywhere. Uruguay loves its tradition and... Luis Suarez.
The bad boy of Uruguayan football, the iconic figure of a country that reappeared on the world football map 10 years ago, and Luisito has definitely something to do with it.
The myth says that Uruguay was going for a 3rd world cup title last summer, if not for Luis Suarez's bad behaviour.
As far as I am concerned, I will always remember Uruguay with fond memories, the people, the culture, the monuments, the mate, the sun and... Luis Suarez.